Initial Assessment Service & Fees

Every referral to Mind Health Care is carefully evaluated in order to advise you about which psychologists are best suited to your needs and have the skills and expertise in the area you require. Our receptionist will ask you a series of questions and then the principle clinical psychologist, Dr. Brendan Meagher reviews your referral information in order to provide you with informed advice about which psychologists will be best suited to address your needs. You can then make an informed decision about who you want to work with. There is a one off charge of $75 for this service. This process has been found to provide for a better therapeutic alliance between psychologist and patient.

GP Mental Health Care Plans

Effective Friday 1st January 2021 for all patients with a Mental Health Care Plan:

Medicare Fee – Office Hours 9am-5pm

$120 Generalist Psychologist (gap the patient pays after Medicare rebate = $32.55)

$170 Clinical Psychologist (gap the patient pays after Medicare rebate = $41.60)

Medicare Fee – Out of Office Hours

$130 Generalist Psychologist (gap the patient pays after Medicare rebate = $42.55)

$180 Clinical Psychologist (gap the patient pays after Medicare rebate = $51.60)

Private Patients

Our standard 50 minute consultation fee is:

Clinical Psychologist: $190.00
Clinical Psychology Registrars: $170.00
Generalist Psychologist: $170.00

You do not need a GP referral as a private patient at Mind Health Care.

Payment Options

Those patients with psychology cover on their private health insurance can be issued with a receipt of payment which can be used to obtain a rebate from your private health insurer.

Cancellation & Non-attendance Policy

Mind Health Care is a private business and we do not get paid by Medicare or any other agency when patients do not attend appointments. If you book an appointment you are responsible for payment in the event that you do not attend or do not provide 24 hours notice of cancellation. Our cancellation policy is strictly applied and we DO NOT waiver cancellation fees. A $100 fee is payable PRIOR to scheduling another appointment unless a minimum 24 hours notice is provided when cancelling an appointment.

Subsequent appointments cancelled or not attended without providing 24 hours notice, incur the full private consultation fee (listed above). We have a 24 hour phone answering service for patients to provide notice of cancellations outside reception hours. Our policy is in accordance with the recommended cancellation policy of the Australian Psychological Society.


We welcome referrals from a wide range of agencies including Medicare, TAC, Worksafe, NDIS, and Veterans Affairs (DVA). We do not work with Victims of Crime (VOCAT). Patients referred to us by accepted organisations are charged the scheduled rebate so there is no out of pocket expense for sessions attended.