Do you offer after business hours appointments?2020-10-08T05:35:52+00:00

We offer a very limited number of after hours appointments and these are generally provided to on-going clients who have been attending appointments at Mind Health Care for some time. Clients should generally expect to attend our service between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Do I need a referral?2018-07-22T15:42:54+00:00

You don’t need a referral to attend Mind Health Care. However a referral from a GP usually allows you to have sessions paid for by Medicare or other agencies. Please don’t hesitate to speak with us or your GP about your individual circumstances and how you can access sessions at the lowest possible cost to you.

I’m on a corrections order or credit bail program can you assist me?2018-08-09T23:57:40+00:00

Unfortunately our psychologists do not have expertise in forensic psychology and therefore we do not accept these.

Can I bring my child to my appointment?2018-07-22T15:43:19+00:00

We ask that you do not bring your children to your appointment. It is generally not appropriate for children to attend sessions and children are not able to remain unsupervised in our waiting room.

Do you see Workcover, TAC, DVA or NDIS patients?2018-07-22T15:43:41+00:00

Yes we do. Please provide reception with your claim details. We directly bill these organisations once the organisation has accepted liability and when you provide us with your claim details.

What is a mental health care plan?2018-07-22T15:48:02+00:00

A mental health care plan is a plan for people with a mental health issue. If you have a mental health issue, your GP can write out this plan. It identifies what type of health care you need, and spells out what you and your doctor have agreed you are aiming to achieve. It also refers you to a local mental health service such as Mind Health Care.

What is the Assessment Service?2020-10-08T06:08:58+00:00

Every referral to Mind Health Care is carefully evaluated in order to assess your needs and advise you on which psychologists are best suited to your needs and have the skills and expertise in the area you require. Our receptionist will ask you a series of questions and then the principle clinical psychologist, Dr. Brendan Meagher reviews your referral information in order to provide you with informed advice about which psychologists are best suited to address your needs. You can then use this information when making your decision about working with one of our psychologists. There is a one off $75 charge for this service. This process has been found to provide for a better therapeutic alliance between psychologist and patient.

What are your reception hours?2018-07-22T15:48:16+00:00

Our reception hours are 8.45am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday. We also have a 24 hour answering service so you can leave a voice message and our receptionists will response during opening hours.

Do you accept patients who are currently clients of DHS child protection?2018-07-22T15:48:24+00:00

Unfortunately our psychologists do not have expertise in this specialised work. We encourage you to speak with DHS child protection about psychologists they would recommend who do have expertise in this area.

Who is eligible for a mental health care plan?2018-07-22T15:48:31+00:00

A mental health care plan is available to you if you have a mental health issue that has been diagnosed by a doctor.

Do you have any cancellation or non-attendance fees?2021-06-20T22:38:21+00:00

Yes we do. We are a private practice, if a client does not attend their appointment the psychologist is not paid. Please see our fees page to read our cancellation and non-attendance policy.

How do I get a mental health care plan?2018-07-22T15:48:43+00:00

Visit your doctor who will assess whether you have a mental health issue and whether you will benefit from a mental health treatment plan.

Do you have disabled access?2018-07-22T15:49:17+00:00

We have wheelchair friendly access to our building and wheelchair friendly toilet facilities.

What does a mental health care plan cover?2020-10-08T05:50:39+00:00

If you have a mental health care plan, you are entitled to a Medicare rebate for up to 20 individual sessions with a psychologist in a year.

Do you have car parking?2018-07-22T15:49:52+00:00

Yes we have off street parking at the rear of our building which you can enter from Wilsons Road.

What should I bring to my first appointment?2018-07-22T15:50:00+00:00

Please arrive 10 minutes early and bring your Medicare card.

Do we have any child psychologists?2020-10-08T05:39:39+00:00

We currently accept a very limited number of referrals for clients under 16 years of age. Please speak to reception for the latest information on our capacity to work with children.

How long do appointments last?2018-07-22T15:51:14+00:00

Your appointment will be approximately 50 minutes.

Do you assist with DSP applications?2019-03-26T00:24:52+00:00

We do not see clients for the primary purpose of completing a DSP application.

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