How it Works

  • Following a referral from your GP, you can receive an ADHD assessment with our psychiatrist. Our ADHD assessment, psychoeducation and treatment planning requires two appointments of between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • We do not offer a telehealth service for our ADHD assessment service you need to attend in person.
  • Please be aware that there is no guarantee that you will be diagnosed with ADHD and have a prescription unless you meet the clinical and legal criteria. We are not “selling” diagnosis or prescriptions for a fee at Mind Health Care.
  • As part of our ADHD assessment intake process, we request that you submit copies of your school reports, if available.
  • The psychiatrist must also obtain clinical information from someone who knows you well to supplement the diagnosis. The person can accompany you to the second appointment and provide collateral information if you wish or this can be arranged as a separate face-to-face appointment or over the phone (fees will apply) or by writing a letter- your psychiatrist will talk to you about this at your first appointment.
  • If you cannot find someone to provide the collateral information, your diagnosis is uncertain, or if you do not agree with the diagnostic decision, your GP will have to request you obtain a second opinion from another psychiatrist (or psychologist depending on the situation).
  • By the conclusion of the two assessment sessions your psychiatrist will have discussed treatment recommendations with you and where clinically appropriate your psychiatrist will offer ongoing psychiatric care to you and assist you with organising a referral to a psychologist at Mind Health Care (or elsewhere if you prefer) who can provide evidence based psychological treatment for ADHD should you desire and should that be clinically appropriate based on the diagnosis.

ADHD Assessment Fees:

Initial Appointment

Your first appointment will be between 45 to 60 minutes.

Item 296 – $550 (gap you pay after Medicare rebate = $302.75) 

Subsequent Appointments

Your psychiatrist will discuss with you the subsequent appointments required.

Item 306 (>45 minutes) – $400 (gap you pay after Medicare rebate = $225.55). If your diagnosis is ADHD, this will be your default second appointment.

Item 304 (>30 minutes) – $300 (gap you pay after Medicare rebate = $173.60).

Item 302 (>15 minutes) – $200 (gap you pay after Medicare rebate = $118.30).

Cancellation & Non-attendance Policy

Mind Health Care is a private business and we do not get paid by Medicare or any other agency when clients do not attend appointments. If you book an appointment, you are responsible for payment in the event that you do not attend or do not provide 24 hours notice of cancellation. We have a phone answering service for clients to provide notice of cancellations outside reception hours. Our fee is $120 unless a minimum 24 hours notice is provided when cancelling an appointment. This fee will be charged to your credit /debit card at the time of your scheduled appointment. Our cancellation policy is strictly applied and we do not waiver cancellation fees. Our policy is in accordance with the recommended cancellation policy of the Australian Psychological Society.